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we have had the last couple of days. they are trying to hold together the best they can. let's go to the weather computer and show you the action here. the storm system pulled away. big storms last night. a report of a water spout near cobb island but no damage reported. temperatures lower 50 to 60ish in orange and the winds are gusting now as high as 22 in stanton and martinsburg and leesburg. a come, breezy day and highs an 65. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning, angie goff. we will kick things off looking at the maps 95 and the bw parkway. no problems to report as you make your way out of baltimore all the way to the beltway. as we switch the cameras over to 270, we will take it outside and show you 1 a 9 to the split.
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smooth sailing. all we are dealing with is a little bit of rain and that spray out on the roadways. but overall so far so good. not causing problems. taking it over to virginia. 66 eastbound. we are doing great through manassas, centreville and beyond. beltway in virginia, happy to report the construction at telegraph is gone. and i can't recollect over to you. earlier this year, northrop grumman announced plans to move to our region and now we know the world's fourth largest defense contractor is moving the corporate headquarters to northern virginia. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live with more. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. both virginia and maryland have been courting northrop grumman since last january when the company announced it wanted to move to the washington area. the company made its decision. it will be moving its headquarters to one of two locations in northern virginia, it is either at a site out near dulles airport or right here in crystal city where, as we all
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know already has several defense contractors in the area and of course we can't forget it is practically next door to the pentagon. i want to share with you what the north rom grumman had to say about this big move on monday. he said. northrop grumman is one of the largest defense contract contractors in the world. and their biggist client is by far the pentagon. what does it mean for virginia? it boils down to jobs. the company plans to open a new corporate office in the summer of 2011 with roughly 300 employees. so this is really a huge victory for the state of virginia and for governor bob
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mcdonnell. he is planning to make a formal announcement at a press conference today in arlington. yesterday he released a statement about this big move and we will let you know what he had to say at 5:30. for now, back to you. >> thank you, kristin. the race to be the next governor of maryland is heating up. today governor o'malley will kick off his re-election campaign in largo, maryland. the governor will embark on a state-wide tour with lieutenant governor brown. the pair leads ehrlich by four points in the latest poll. funeral services for dr. dorothy height will begin today. the civil rights icon will lie in repose at the national council of negro women headquarters. it will be open from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. at the dorothy i. height building in northwest. height died at howard university hospital. she was 98. her funeral will be on thursday
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at the national cathedral. at 1:00 this afternoon, ten police officers who died in the line of duty will be honored. their names will be added to the national law enforcement officers memorial during the annual engraving day ceremony. they are among 324 law enforcement officers whose names are being added to the memorial this spring. a fifth person, accused in last month's deadly drive-by shooting in southeast is due in court today. police arrested 21-year-old jeffrey best yesterday morning he faces four counts of first- degree murder and one count of felony murder. police have four others in custody in connection with the crime. the shooting outside of an apartment on south capitol street left four people dead and five others wounded. a frostburg state college student shot to death has been laid to rest. funeral services for brandon carroll were held on monday in brandywine, maryland. police say tyrone hall shot carroll and another student,
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ellis hartridge outside of his apartment. hall says he shot the pair in self defense. time for our latest "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle has the day off. today the federal reserve board will meet to discuss interest rates. a decision will be announced tomorrow. the fed is expected to keep rates unchanged at near 0% where they have been the last 16 months. no word on how that affect trading. the dow finished the day up 3/4 of a%. close to 11205. the nasdaq fell 7 and the s&p 500 slipped 5 points. top goldman sachs executives will be grilled by lawmakers in washington today. a senate investigation found that goldman made billions from the housing meltdown at the expense of its clients. the company faces civil charges filed by the security and
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exchange commission. today's hearing is one day after efforts to reform wall street firms suffered a setback in the senate. republicans blocked efforts to begin debate on the measure aimed at regulating wall street. they are vowing to test it with another procedural vote this week. a study suggests residential mortgage fraud increased 7% from tbait to 2009. that's according to a report by lexus nexus research newt. virginia cracked the list for the top time for loans originating in 2009. maryland dropped from fifth to sixth place. application misrepresentation was the top fraud at 59% and fraud related to appraisal and valuation had the most notable increase climbing to 33%. that's an 11% increase from 2008. for more "living $mart"
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headlines go to and click on the "living $mart" tab on the front page. fairfax county supervisors are expected to vote on a plan to ease traffic near ft. belvoir. it would widen the road to four lanes from south king highway to van doren street. it would cost the county $10 million to complete the work. cutting class in montgomery county will no longer cost you your gpa. that is if a proposal considered by the school board moves forward. that's according to our partners at the washington examiner. under the current policy, students with five inexcused absences or are late 15 times without a legitimate excuse can receive a failing grade. some worry a change in policy will lead to more truancies. a man accused of sending fake anthrax letters across the country is entranced. and the man accused of hacking sarah palin's e-mail
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faces a half century behind bars. you are watching 9 news now.
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welcome back. traffic moving well past the greenway and the airport toward tysons corner on 267. more roads in realtime. that's coming up. in the news now at nine after the hour, former panamanian ruler manuel noriega has been extradited to france to be tried on money laundering charges. he was being held in a federal prison in florida. he served time in the u.s. for drug racketeering charges. a california man who admitted to mailing fake anthrax samples around the country has been sentenced to federal prison. he mailed more than 100 sugar packages labeled anthrax samples to media outlets, politicians and retailers. he said he did it to
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demonstrate the country's vulnerability to an attack. jury deliberations are expected to begin in a trial of a college student accused of hacking sarah palin's e-mail. david cornell's lawyer says it was just a prank but if convicted on all counts he could face up to a 0 years in -- 50 years in prison. a few u.s. food companies come forward and agree to make processed foods healthier. and a vaccine could make the difference between life and death for several cancer sufferers. you are watching 9 news renew itself. coq10 hn gold bond ultimate restoring. this stuff really works. now.
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federal disaster teams are working hard to assess the damage in mississippi. ten people were killed. a federal disaster declaration will be sought when a finallest estimate is complete. welcome back to 9 news now. it is awful seeing the devastation. >> unbelievable storm. the storm track 149 miles. >> and how long it was on the ground. >> it started at louisiana, mississippi border across much of the state of mississippi. incredible. >> and then went in to alabama. >> and it weakened in toe this alabama border. e-44 is the highlight of the damage at yazoo city that did so much damage and killed a
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dozen or so people. a horrific storm down there. well forecasted and it was a high-risk area by the storm prediction center. so warnings are out there but you have to stay up on the weather and know what your plan will be. consider that because while we don't get storms like they do we get deadly tornadoes on occasion. show you live doppler 9000 hd. on a good note there's not much to talk about. see the tiny green sliver there montgomery county in to charles county, that's about it so far. that's what we are looking at on doppler here. light sprinkles is all we are seeing. that's the end of it. over to annapolis one tiny sprinkle. the forecast the next three days. we are looking at improving conditions. today breezy a mix of sun and clouds. the sprinkle out of here. window tomorrow, west wind at times 15 to 20. 63 and then thursday we turn the corner with nice sunshine and lighter winds. the bus stop forecast, this morning, breezy
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and cool. clouds are out there right now. sunny breaks developing. upper 40s to 50s. sun is coming up in an hour and sprinkles should be gone in the next half hour or so. breezy and cool this afternoon. mid-60s. average high is 70. a little cooler than where we should be. northwest winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. tonight, clear to partly cloudy. a chilly night. 36 to 44. thankfully the winds will stay up at ten miles an hour or else we would be talking frost in spots north and west. tender plants we always say wait until mother's day or may 1st this is one of the reasons why. sunset 7:57. the storm system is pulling away quickly but clouds are lingering through western maryland and west virginia. the coomer stuff in western maryland and york at 50. 57 to the south in fredericksburg. locally a lot of low to mid-50s from reston and rockville at
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53. steriling 55. same in bowie. ft. belvoir one of the warm spots tied with reagan national at 56. the winds are also a factor this morning. they are starting to gust to ten. gusting upwards of 22, 20 miles an hour in spots. before we get to the seven day, a big storm here on the west coast, a little storm in the middle with a few shower and some cold air on the northern edge. cold enough for snow across canada as we head to the end of april. the seven-day forecast gets really nice here once we pass the cool breezy conditions. by thursday, friday, we warm up quickly. mid-80s on saturday. stray shower is possible and warmer. sunday and monday mid-80s with a chance of afternoon storms. all right. thank you, howard. 16 minutes after the 5:00 hour and we begin with a live shot for you. 95 northbound. all is a go here from the prince william parkway making your way up to 395.
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speaking of that virginia interstate here's your shot around duke street. that's where we start to see things fill out a bit. drivers are hitting the road in this area. so far so good crossing the 14th street bridge. moving to the beltway in virginia, everything is clear from the wilson bridge past 95, annandale and 66 and the american legion. no incidents to report on the inner or outer loop. move it to maryland and 95 to georgia on the outer loop. it is moving fine. we're at speed and in to district we go. here's eastern avenue where it meets kennels worth and two thumbs up on this tuesday. over to andrea. our living well headlines begin with a revolutionary prostate cancer vaccine. pro venge could get fda approval as early as this week. it uses a patient's red blood cells. it extended the lives by several months with no side
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effects and some men lived two to three extra years. they think it would be even more powerful if given in early stages. 16 food companies including kraft and heinz have agreed to he deuce sodium. it is an effort to cut salt consumption by 20%. this follows a recommendation from the institute of medicine that the fda set new lower salt limits in prepared and processed foods. americans eat twice as much salt as they need, increasing their risk of high blood pressure which can cause heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. that daily supplement you take could be misleading you, whether it is to lose weight, relieve pain or just to stay healthy. doctor doctor dr. oz says could you would be put your life at risk. >> i'm not talking about vitamins because vitamins are pretty safe and have a reasonable record of being what they are supposed to be but some herbal approaches that treating obesity and energy and
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all of the other things that folks sometimes look at the web for help on. do the research on the web but try to buy the product in bricks and mortar stores. that way someone is accountable to you if you have side effects pause maybe because the product doesn't have what it is suppose to have in them. >> look for ones with a single product. it is so complicated for them to tell if there are interactions in the drugs or slip in stuff that isn't supposed to be in there it makes a big collage to be sure and be cautious about products that over promise. too often if it is too good to be true it really is. especially if it is a brand new item. they get hyped so big they won't keep up with supply and begin to sell fake stuff in to the market because they know people will pay for it any way. for more living well headlines log on to
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click on the living well tab on the front page. the jason campbell trade may not have affected you but managed to put a damper on a charity event. the capitals go down to the wire literally as every cap fan must now prepare for a game seven. before we head to break here's a look at people celebrating a birthday. operatic aria )
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( singing along )
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( singing high note ) that should do it. enjoy your new shower. ( door opens, closes )
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good morning, everyone. i'm brett haber with the wakeup beard. if you had watched last night's game without that score box at the top of the screen you would have thought the caps were winning 8-3 because the caps dominated the flow to the tune of 54 shots on goal to 22. but accept for one of those they all got turned away by a man named -- show you the goals first. he was insane last night. 99 seconds later, and one timer. his fifth of the playoffs. 2-0 montreal. stayed that way this to the
5:24 am
third when la pierre fires that pass. a bit of a softy to make it 3-0 and more than enough for halak. they say a goalie can change the complexion of a series, isn't that true. 53 shots from washington. 3-1 he final. we are going to game seven. >> we had a couple of opportunities there to score and he's there. he won the game. >> we just didn't score. we have to find a way to score goals that's it. >> reporter: more drama for coach gabby. all four of the caps playoff series since bruce boudreau have gone to game seven. they lost to the flyers in overtime two years ago. they beat the rangers last year before finally losing the eventual stanley cup penguins in game seven. episode four is tomorrow. everybody won in the jason campbell trade. he got a new lease on his
5:25 am
career, the redskins got a fourth round pick. everyone won except the leukemia and lymphoma society whose golf classic was scheduled for yesterday and had no jason campbell. cooley took over as the emcee and host and the hot topic on the links yesterday was wishing jason well. >> we all want him to be able to play. he's such a good person and a good guy it will be easy to cheer for him even playing for oakland. >> jason has been a great leader for us and he can play and that's obviously why oakland wants him and i wish nothing but the best for him. >> little baseball from last night. nats opening at wrigley field. down 3-2 in the sixth. he takes it to center and drives in josh willingham. rooney loads the bases full of cubs and delivers the walk off walk. quality start for listennen, nats fall 4-3. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great tuesday,
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everybody. residents join a lawsuit filed against a gas station accused of knowingly pollute the environment. angie? >> drivers taking the key bridge in to dc, they are not delayed or in for surprises in georgetown. more roads and when will the rain go away? that's next. here's to the believers. the risk-takers. the visionaries.
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thank you for joining us. angie gay is here. she will have the photographic in a moment. howard bernstein is starting with forecast that is drying and brightening up. >> the sprinkles are just about gone. eastern montgomery county near the laytonsville area in to olney see the sprinkles. light sprinkles moving south. a couple of them there an also in anne arundel but they are few and far between that most of us will miss them.
5:30 am
go to the weather computer and show you where the storm is pulling away. the big storms yesterday afternoon across southern maryland with that tornado warning. they saw a water spout toward cobb island but this morning quieter. except we are trying to break these clouds up. we will break them up. low to mid-50s most areas. won't be moving much. 65 or so as we go throughout the day and watch for the winds already gusting to 25 in leesburg. it is 5:30. how are the roads? >> we will begin with a trip out of baltimore for those of you who travel the 95 area or the bw parkway. you will be happy to know there are no accidents to report. you are nice, green and clean moving nicely here all the way to 495. as we move over and take you outside and show you we have a couple of rain drops on the camera here at 270. moving fine father hurley to the split. looks like slick pavement we are dealing with but that is
5:31 am
not causing problems. 66 eastbound. we are okay manassas to centreville and check on the trains. here we go. looks like metro, vre and marc are on time. over to you. one of the nation's largest defense contractors has announced plans to move its corporate headquarters to virginia. it is expected to bring hundreds of new jobs to the commonwealth. kristin fisher has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. this is a huge victory for the state of virginia and for governor mcdonnell. after all we are talking about scoring the corporate headquarters for one of the biggest defense contractors in the entire world. now governor mcdonnell is expected to make the announce formal at a press conference today here in arlington, but he has also spoken out about this big move. yesterday he released a statement via e-mail in which he said -- so let's break it
5:32 am
down for you. what exactly does the move mean for virginia? the bottom line is jobs. the company plans to own its new corporate office in the summer of 2011 with roughly 300 new employees. northrop grumman already employs 40,000 people in the washington area. it's one of the largest defense and global security contractors in the world. they do everything from aerospace, electronics, information systems, shipbuilding and their biggest client is, of course, by far, the pentagon. now, the pentagon, is actually just a little over a mile away from where i am standing right here in crystal city. that's one of the reasons that northrop grumman is considering crystal city as a site of their new corporate headquarters. it is one of the locations in the running. another option is another site out near dulles airport. but as of now we don't know
5:33 am
exactly which they have chosen. i want to read to you one statement from northrop grumman to kind of shed a little light on exactly what the company is thinking at this moment. they say northrop grumman is currently conducting negotiations with several building owners in the falls church, arlington area with a specific building selection to be announced soon. so, at this point in time we don't know whether it will be out in dulles or right here in crystal city, but one thing we know for sure is northrop grumman is moving to virginia. back to you. >> thank you. last night a pro immigration group staged a peaceful protest outside of the prince georges county correctional center. they are upset that county police arrested a woman and turned her over to federal immigration officers for possible deportation. the group casa demaryland says it is unhappy the county is working with federal immigration officials. police are searching for a potential murder witness. they say kh iry mccullum is a
5:34 am
potential person of interest in a situation where a bullet hit and killed a man from front royal, virginia. more people have joined a lawsuit against a frederick county gas station. now 75 plaintiffs are asking to be compensated after gas leaked in toe ground water around the green valley it is go station in monrovia. 60 people signed on to the complaint last month. state and environmental regulators discovered the leaks in 2004. but residents weren't alerted until 2007. massey energy says air samples taken just before this month's deadly mine accident did not show high levels of explosive gases. 29 miners died in the april 5th explosion. the same examination showed air flow in the underground mine was fine. massey said it does not know what sparked the explosion. the company has a new website
5:35 am
that will pride information about the investigation at the upper big branch mine. you can access that site by logging on to click on 9 news extras. it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has the day off. competition is heating up in the market for electronic readers. for the first time barnes & nobles nook e-reader rang up more sales than the amazon kindle. 53% of re-readers shipped in march were nooks. consumers have been able to test it out at best buy stores which may explain the jump in sales. the kindle has been available through amazon's website, though the company recently announced it will be sold in select target stores. two long-time rivals in the car rental business are merging. hertz the largest rental company is buying dollar thrifty automotive group for
5:36 am
$50 million in cash and stock. it will give it 1500 locations around the world. the washington blade returns to dc streets this friday. according to the "washington post" the weekly paper for the city's gay, lesbian, try sexual and transgender community is run out of the community center in northwest. the paper's owners were able to reprint after acquiring the assets in bankruptcy court in atlanta. for more "living $mart" headlines, our website is click on the living smart tab on the front page. dc city workers from police to social workers are getting parking tickets and traffic fines while operating government vehicles, but no one is paying up. a spot check at 500 indiana avenue by 9 news now yesterday showed numerous city vehicles parked illegally outside of police headquarters and the courthouse. the dc auditor recently sampled five city agency and found more
5:37 am
than $70,000 in unpaid tickets and fines. the man in charge of the city's vehicle fleet, bill holland says it is illegal for city agencies to pay the tickets. and agency supervisors have been slow or reluctant to collect from their own workers. one dc resident had this reaction. >> it wouldn't seem to be fair. it wouldn't seem to be fair. i have to pay my tickets. i need need to pay their tickets. >> reporter: the auditor found that vehicles assigned to mayor fenty and michelle rio more than $1,000 in parking tickets and fees but so far no response from the mayor's press person. america's largest retail store faces a potential billion dollar lawsuit. it is 5:37. here's angie with an update on the rush hour. >> we are moving nicely along 50 westbound from the eastern shore through annapolis to bowie and beyond. we will have another look at the morning headlines when 9
5:38 am
news now returns. stay with us. k
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smooth sailing across the sousa bridge. it is angie with nine traffic now coming up. in the news now at 5:40, police in new york say passersby did not offer help to a good samaritan left to die on a sidewalk outside of an apartment building. the man was stabbed several times when he attempted to break up a fight between a man with a knife and a woman. one person stopped and took a picture of the man with their camera phone before walking off. u.s. missionaries have been freed of all charges. the group's leader still faces a charge. a federal appeals court has
5:41 am
given the go ahead for a class action lawsuit that could cost wal-mart billions. they say they were paid less than the men and given fewer promotions. a world famous physicist says we need to stop trying to communicate with aliens. and new rules may take affect for popular form of public transportation in the district. cool and damp this morning. drizzle and sprinkles out here but an improving weather picture in the forecast. details are coming subway now has...
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are we in danger because we are attempting to contact aliens that that's the question raise by a physicist. the british scientist is promoting an upcoming documentary on the the discovery channel and has brittany morehouse reports he's creating a lot of buzz. >> reporter: nano technology
5:45 am
fills the mind of brigitte patterson as she works on a project at catholic university. she chose physics as her profession. >> because i wanted to know about everything. >> reporter: for the same reason, the astro side of fridayics drives her nuts. >> question manipulate individual atoms and electrons. when you are talking about super nova and black holes it is not like you can make a it willing mini black hole in your lap. >> reporter: she is intrigued by the claims from steven hawkins he is warning humans that aliens do exist and we'd be stupid to try to contact them. >> no we are not talking futuristic movie scenings. hawkings is history. mainly christopher columbus in the americas. as he note it didn't turn out well for the americans. >> a very good insight. >> i guess if you believe in aliens, movies and the media
5:46 am
portray them as bad but you don't necessarily know. >> i think we should try to contact them. >> it is too late. >> his opinion should count. he teaches astrophysics. >> you think of all the radio and tv transmitters. they have been on for some time. so if there is a civilization out there and if they have detectors sensitive enough if they are within 100 lightyears from us they should be able to detect us. >> reporter: patterson says she is not scared. >> we need more alien friends. i would reach out, tend my inbound friendship and love. >> we say good morning to howard bernstein. we're discussing should we contact the aliens. >> it is a toss up. they might be friendly or may want to eat us. i don't know. >> maybe they have insight in to weather. looking at our planet from another perspective. >> i'm sure they have a lot of insight. >> i know you would want to contact. >> there has to be life out there. there has to be.
5:47 am
because we are too big of a universe. that's my belief. i don't know if they want to eat us or not, i can't tell. there are a couple of sprinkles out there. while it is picking up sprinkles in olney and silver spring it is not detecting light drizzle here in northwest. it is damp outside. weather is improving. on the weather computer you will see we have had some shower activity to the east and southeast really pull away. the eastern shore is seeing concentrated rain and things are quieting down rain wise. the next three days, today breezy and sunshine mixing with clouds at times. 65 for a high. tomorrow, windy and chilly. but more sunshine and 63 and then a really nice thursday around here. most mostly sunny and less wind wind. highs of 70. the bus stop forecast, a little drizzle upper 40s to 50s. some wind gusts topped 20 miles
5:48 am
an hour already. and the sunrise 6:15. this afternoon clouds and sunshine, breezy and cool, mid- 60s. possibly 30 miles an hour. and in to tonight, clear to partly cloudy. it will be chilly, though. 36 to 44. northwest winds at ten. if the winds were to go dead calm we would be talking about frost tonight. thankfully the winds will stay up and sunset 7:57. in the mid-50s from dc to southern maryland. easton 54. out west lower 50s in winchester and hagerstown and cumberland and oakland they have cleared out to 39 degrees. locally 56 at national and ft. belvoir. 54 brandy wine and bowie is 55 in college park. montgomery county looking at low 50s down to great falls, virginia and reston and fairfax at 53. dulles is 55. national, as i said, 56. the winds are north northwest at ten but gusting closer to 20 right now and the relative
5:49 am
humidity is 84%. locally we are watching a storm system. another one here. this one has fizzled off and will pass south of us. this is what we had yesterday and gave us severe thunderstorms in southern maryland yesterday evening. those are quickly racing away. this morning two areas of low pressure driving northwesterly winds. that will keep a cool breeze the next couple of days but once we get in though later this morning some sunshine will come out. by noon we may be sunny but the next disturbance will throw clouds our way from the afternoon in to the evening. that will pass south of us and clear out tonight and have a great looking, albeit windy wednesday here as sunshine will be here. see the snow in new england. looking for a foot of snow around mount washington new hampshire. even thousand feet or up there pick up snow. cool and breezy, at least the next couple of days. by thursday up to 70. friday 82. saturday 85 with a light shower
5:50 am
possible. low to mid-80s with scattered afternoon storms for sunday and monday. 5:49, 5:50. hello, angie. >> thank you, howard. we are getting closer to the 6:00 hour. hope you are up and at it. let's get started. a look at 95 northbound. slow from 123 to lorton. plus five minutes for that. continuing on to 395, minor delay past duke street. and then take you to inbound new york avenue. everything appears to be okay out here to the third street tunnel. the beltway in maryland looks like crossing in to virginia on the outer loop is a good amount of congestion. we had a disabled vehicle earlier. inner loop is okay. an show you the travel times. 66 eastbound you are fine from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway. everybody is smooth sailing. back to you. students at sherwood high school in sandy spring for forced to deal with a drunk driving crash. it is designed to drive home an
5:51 am
important message, drunk and distracted driving can kill. derek mcginty has more. >> reporter: it has everything you dread seeing in a real fatal car crash. the mangled metal, the jaws of life and body bags. the good news is, it is just a simulation for a show-n-tell at sherwood high school. and this senior is not a real drunken driver. >> it really hit me deep down. seeing what i actually did. >> it was horrible and difficult. it feels very real. >> reporter: the simulation ends with three teenagers dying and although the accident is not for real, sol son had a real car accident driving three friends last fall. >> i called all of my friend's parents and apologized for all the cuts and bruises but fortunate not to have to call and apologize that i killed their daughter or son. >> reporter: it is part of a program called every 15 minutes.
5:52 am
a program warning teens of the deadly consequences of drunk or distracted driving. >> scary that this actually happens. >> reporter: students get an in class message as the grim reaper picks a student signifying her death from a drunk driving accident. >> i wanted to find a way to work with the school and address it in a way that gets through to kids. >> reporter: and the class hears the obituary read aloud by the police officers. >> everyone was shocked. >> and the student becomes the living dead and walks an as a visual reminder. derek mcginty, 9 news now. a mystery caller is harassing thousands of arlington county residents and we need to take steps in case of a fire in the home. what are the tools we need in case of an emergency? we will take a look when we return.
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5:56 am
on tv. they granted child labor permits for kate gosselin kids to appear on kate plus 8. it is only good for six months and then they have to renew. former bachelor star and cohost of the doctors, dr. travis stork has a new book. it is -- his toll goal so to help others become their own health guru. catch the doctors 4:00 p.m. daily on wusa. music was in the air at sweet life festival. together with rock the vote the sweet life festival brought together local and national acts and drew fans of all ages. fans braved the weather to hear electropop group all while enjoying signature salads and frozen yogurt. magnificent homes top our community report today. we look at the georgetown house
5:57 am
tour for 2010. chairwoman frida has led it for 30 years. this year's tour featured eight to 12 of georgetown's most beautiful homes and their impressive gardens. we hear from michelle about an art -- about art that will be duane dancing down one of the busiest boulevards. they present the first phase of the new york avenue sculpture project showcasing world class art by women. the larger than life sculptures will line the stretch of new york avenue between 13th and 9th streets and that starts tomorrow and we hear our andrea roane will be emceeing that. all right. send me your pictures, events and videos. go to oh my and click on angie's army. >> angie will have a traffic alert for you tomorrow because of that because that stretch of new york avenue will be closed from 10:00 to 3:00 p.m. but an early heads up for you.
5:58 am
the american red cross recommends you keep a fire extinguisher in your home though prevent a possible disaster. before you buy one, lesli foster has a consumer alert. >> reporter: hundreds of people die in house fires every year in the united states. most of them start in the kitchen. so safety experts encourage you to keep a fire extinguisher in the home. in tonight's consumer alert, important information to help you figure out which to buy and which to avoid. firefighters know how quickly a kitchen fire can spread. that's why having a good fire extinguisher on hand is so important. >> the first few seconds are vital. it means a difference between extinguishing a small fire on the stove or stove top or the fire consuming a portion of your kitchen or your house. >> they tested a dozen extension wishersen including seven smaller ones for the kitchen and two aerosol sprays they used a lickable -- they
5:59 am
use a flammable liquid. >> the two aerosol sprays sometimes caused the fire to flare up and may look like fire extinguishers they are not. >> you wouldn't get that from the first alert tundra unless you read the fine print. >> they don't have a pressure indicator so there is no way to know if they are ready to use which is critically important. >> consumer reporter rates the aerosol sprays a don't buy. a better choice for your kitchen one from kidde. it was easy to use and quickly put out the test fires. besides having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen it is important to have multipurpose extinguishers on every floor of your home and make sure the pressure indicator registered full. we have more on our website at just click on living smart. you are watching 9 news now

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